Feeling and Getting Better is Possible.



Welcome to Thompson Therapy Services. I am Patricia, and I want to help.

I am a Registered Psychotherapist and counsellor with a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology and several experience. If you need help as an individual or as a couple, I can help.

Are you feeling sad, alone, anxious, confused, overwhelmed?

Do you feel as if you are stuck, lacking personal and/or professional fulfillment?

Dissatisfied with your life? Counselling and psychotherapy can help.

Psychotherapy is a place to gain new perspectives, clarity and peace of mind. 

It’s a place that allows you to tap into your creative self in order to move more effectively through the windows of your life.

You could say it is an investment in yourself to help with current issues and open up opportunities for the future. You don’t have to go through your struggles alone.

What to expect when we work together

My belief is that, there are two experts present in the process. I am an expert in the general area of the mind and behavior, and you are the expert of your unique life and personality.

We will explore and discover your inner resources, strengths and challenges.

Working together we can build strategies to help you become unstuck from old patterns and move forward towards a more fulfilling life.

I will listen and pay attention to what what makes you happy, what distresses you, what your strengths are, and how we can leverage those strengths.

We will work to figure out how your environment, behavior, thoughts, and feelings are affecting you and help you understand them.

Together we will work as a team to overcome the challenges and difficulties you are facing in your life, and move towards self discovery, self growth, achieving your goals, and leading a healthy, productive and satisfying life.

Session Room

Session Room



 Counselling and Psychotherapy can help you resolve life issues and create strategies and support for positive change.


Thinking, Feeling & Getting Better is Possible!


Session Room

Session Room

As an affiliate of a registered psychologist, 
my fees are covered by most extended health plans.  
Receipts can be issued for insurance purposes.



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